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So many people often rave about how cool it is to date an artist, but it’s okay if you don’t agree. After all, we are only the best gift to humans, after food. Now, when I say an artist, I don’t mean someone who paints and draws. I mean someone who creates – simply a creative – and that’s a writer, an artist, an artiste, a painter, a cook, a photographer, a videographer, and many more.

If that entire paragraph wasn’t enough to convince you that you should date an artist, here are 5 reasons why you should date us – aside from the obvious fact that we are amazing.

  1. We appreciate beauty:
7 Tips to take Better Sunset Photos -

The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” wasn’t just a catchphrase. There was a reason why it was coined, and that’s the fact that people interpret things in different ways. A photographer and a painter might want to capture the same sunset, and express it in two distinctly different styles. On the other hand, a cook might appreciate the beauty of a well-made meal, while a writer might appreciate the lines of a beautifully told story.

Everyone has what they consider beautiful, but the most important fact is – that they are appreciating that beauty.

Even if you still can’t relate, you should at least look on the bright side – you won’t be suffering from major insecurities. Why? Because we’ll find even the crook of your nose beautiful…

2. We are open-minded:

How To Be Open-Minded - Empowering Women Now

Show me a creative who isn’t open-minded, and I’ll show you the point at which people fall off planet earth! Artists are one of the most open-minded groups of people I know – of course, I just might be bias.

A lot of things don’t strike us as weird, and truly – why should it? Not when we’ve got so many weird innovations that we keep coming up with.

Besides, you get to keep us for real, because it doesn’t matter whether you love to eat your bread with toothpaste. We just won’t judge you!

3. We are passionate:

Lead With Passion or Don't Bother Leading At All via @15Five

If there’s one major thing that drives creatives/artists, it’s our passion. It’s what gives us the ability to do our best in our craft. It’s what gives us the strength to keep moving even when jobs start to get hard.

You know what that means? It means that no matter how hard things might become in a relationship – as long as they are normal hurdles – we are going to stick right with you. Honey! You ain’t getting rid of us so easily.

Besides, there’s something else that passion drives in relationships, isn’t there? (cue the wink)

4. We are creative:

When You Creative Minds Reach A Dead End, This Is What You Do

Yes, yes, I know – the fact that we are artists/creative is enough to prove that we are creative. I sometimes think to myself that artists are the weirdest set of people on earth, I’m serious.

In the middle of some chaotic event, a painter could tell you they have an idea for an abstract painting. When normal humans see a snake wrapped around a tree, their first instinct is to flee, because honestly, who wants to die? However, when a photographer sees that, they could get their camera out and take beautiful pictures.

The beauty is that creativity can come in different forms. Know what this means? It means that we’ll find different ways to express how much we love you. In fact, we’ll write it in the ocean if we can, how cool is that?

5. We are adventurous:

Why Adventurous People Make the Best Leaders | by Rob Consoli | Fortune  Insiders

Now, don’t tell me this is coming as a surprise to you. How else do you think we’ve got all those wildlife photographers blessing us with amazing pictures? You don’t think your favorite weird dish was birthed out of inspiration, do you? It had to have been the adventurous spirit, because who in their right mind would try those food combos in the first place?

You don’t think that beautiful painting of The Starry Night wasn’t Vincent Van Gogh challenging himself, do you? For every new and mind-blowing innovation you see out there, is another artist – another creative – who dared to dare the world.

You know what that means? If you date an artist, your life will never ever be boring!


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