5 Things You Can Do To Distract Yourself from Couples Celebrating Valentine’s (BY AMINAH OYESANMI)

If you have been wondering how to distract yourself from the noise and fuss by couples celebrating Valentines, then trust me – you’re not the only one. I also happen to be – like what is so special about Valentine’s Day anyway? Forget I said – that was my jealous side speaking.

Valentine’s day, as we all know, is a day of celebration of LOVE and display of affections.

Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms have been buzzing in anticipation of this special day.

With the rate at which couples are getting together to share gifts, moments and renew vows, it is no surprise that we “single pringles” are getting so sensitive.

That’s why I decided to share these 5 things you can do to distract yourself from couples celebrating valentines. Trust me, pringles like you need to try them out. You shouldn’t have to beat yourself up and get bored out of your brains.

Now you don’t want to do something repetitive, like watching movies on Netflix (you don’t want to shed real tears when you see romantic movies suggestions). I promise you I said that softly.

And NO, you do not want some Ed Sheeran songs or some badass music playlists talking about the tough who are happy alone and all that nonsense, because you just might get heartbroken actually.

You need something creative, something worthwhile and fun. But not to worry, I got you.

Alright, without further ado, here they are…

  1. Cooking 

Cooking has got to be the most artistic thing you can do to get your mind off your valentines day worries, and I’m not talking about the usual rice or Garri you make every day.

Try to switch things up and fill your taste bud with the most delicious and sumptuous meal ever. Try new recipes. Watch YouTube videos on foods and pastries you will love to try.

This is an amazing way to just get you pumped to try new stuff, and you should find this distraction worthwhile. So, create meals and enjoy yourself on Valentine’s day.

  • Painting

Painting is an art, as art is painting. Sketching and painting are forms of expressing your inner thought and feeling through your hands.

This will help you relieve stress, feel better and inspired as you swipe and fill your imaginations on a board or paper.

It’s a phenomenal feel to it – you should try out on Valentine’s.

  • Knitting

Knitting is a great hand exercise and a beautiful way to spend your day.

Weaving together threads or yarns to make beautiful and colourful things like bags, dresses, caps and many more can be delightful.

This is also a great way to make money. Instead of brooding over not having a date, you can create magic with your hands and add pieces of clothes to your wardrobe.

Don’t forget the moolah (money) you can make if your pieces are wonderful. Money, of course, brings joy to the heart.

  • Makeup and self Care

If you are a fan of beauty and a lover of looking good, then trying out different makeup looks is an art you just might need. It can become your creative outlet.

You can watch YouTube videos to learn new things about beauty, such as how to create a natural or bold makeup look, natural body remedies or even some beauty hacks.

This will give you a sense of care and allow you to pamper yourself. You can even make videos and take pictures of the looks you create, the hacks you discover and share with friends and family.

 This can also help you feel good about yourself, so why not give it a try?

  • Writing

What would the fun be if you can’t get the things bugging your minds in your journals or diaries?. There is absolutely no fun in that.

I can tell you most of the beautiful things many writers have out there today were written when they were bored or sad about something. If they hadn’t written how they felt in a book, how would we have such beautiful things to read and love.

You can write your beautiful thoughts and emotions in a book to get yourself distracted from couples spending Valentines. Don’t forget to share it as well, people might love it.

Being single doesn’t have to be boring. Remember – you don’t have to feel awful on Valentines when you can get creative and do something amazing.

There you have it, the 5 things you can do to get yourself distracted from couples spending Valentines. Pick your favourite distractions, dear pringles and have a swell Valentine’s day.


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