Your art sucks. When I use the word “art” in reference to it, I do so in politeness, to you, not the…thing you have forced upon the powerless canvas/paper/wall. It is a pathetic imitation of what is useful, and is of no worth.

You may think I am being overtly harsh. I am. The thing is I take art seriously, more seriously than you apparently, and only one of us is an artist! This thing you have drawn/painted/carved is an exercise in self-gratification, a project aimed at hoodwinking. This person you have painted appears very real but it has no soul. It has form, but it is void of character. This artwork presents, but it is not. It was not made from a honest heart, and so each keen curve and each wobbly line and each carefully place stroke that so excites for verisimilitude, is in sum a lie. 

You have not produced art, you have printed money. 

Look at the helm of this piece. You hurriedly painted around it, stabbing at it with the pointed toe, quick dashes filling in the “empty space”. It could have been an exploration of the whisper of light, as it fades out or creeps in. Instead, it is a squandered opportunity. Look at the face you have drawn, it could have truly lived if you cared to make it more than a picture, with a darker shade right below the eyelids, or a lighter hue between the slightly parted lips which would put it beyond repetition and into the embrace of static fantasy.

You  did not give it life independent of the person you modeled. The art that could have been born detests you. 

Don’t publish the pathetically formed but nude image,with that specific caption. Don’t do it. It is horrible. It is far better than I could do certainly, but if I could do this I would laugh. It is a sign of promise, not a testimony. There is a squareness on the edge of the buttocks, there are horizontal dashes on the forehead which were not intended. Why are you trying to frame it for sale? Why?

It earns me no pleasure to hurt you, but it gifts me great pain to witness you publish your vapid pieces and demand applause. Work harder. Express yourself. Put more of yourself into it. Make the process a journey, and the world will advance into a better state with each new art you create. 

Stop making pathetic art!

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Titilayo Adekoya · October 5, 2020 at 5:45 pm

Lol. The words that got me was ” you have not produced art, you have created money” that was too funny. So are you saying money is vapid??.

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