Abe Odedina was born at Ibadan in 1960. He left his career in architecture and started painting in 2007. He currently lives in London and Salvador Bahia. You can find him on Instagram @abeodedina.

His art is inspired by the oral traditions of African art, spiced up with a touch of magic realism. He makes use of various mythologies – ranging from Yoruba to Greek – to merge cultures and people from across the world.

Odedina’s art is a quite unique one, as his paintings feature brown and black skinned people, with a hint of blue. Curiously, most of his artworks are a blend of blue, black and white. 

The painting “Once in a blue moon” follows the same pattern too, as it features a dark-skinned lady with a blue-tinted face and an African hairdo. The presentation of this face on the moon adds an element of magic that almost all his works seem to have.

There is a sort of alluring look in this lady’s eyes that gives off a sexy and mysterious vibe. I imagine that if you glimpsed this face on the moon on a starry night, you would definitely fall in love.


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