I remember the first time I came across this really colorful artwork and went “wow”. I was blown away by the beautiful array of colors. This artwork was one of Akintayo Akintobi’s works. It looked like he captured the rainbow and then set it free – to play.

I thought about that work for days and kept wondering how he pieced everything together. I still don’t know how he did it, but I can show you the next best thing – some of his works.

This work is titled “obe to dun.” It can be considered Akintayo’s tribute to his heritage – the Yoruba tribe, and literally means “delicious soup”. The painting is an assortment of colors – as is unique to Akintayo – and depicts a naked woman oozing sexuality. People often liken the parting of a woman’s thighs to the entrance of paradise. Obe to dun captures that well.

Titled “Lady Blue,” this painting is quite strong in its usage of blue and depicts a woman with leaves falling over her. The best part is the fact that her face is a giant blue rose. The beads around her wrists and neck give the painting a very African feel while the rose on her head gives it a Western feel. Sort of like the merging of cultures.

Finally, there is this painting. A painting of a lady with a butterfly perched on top of her face. It ‘s like she’s seeing the world through the butterfly. It seems a symbolic way of seeing the world through a better light – with wonder.

Akintayo Akintobi is a Nigerian artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Most of his works (as you have seen above) feature an exotic blending of colors that have this ethereal feel. If I were surrounded by his artworks in a gallery, I’d feel like I was in another world. To lose yourself in his world, you can find him on Instagram @akintayoakintobi.


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