One of the perks of exploring the art world is the ability to see endless creativity and marvel at the amount of imagination that went into these things.

Elia Pellegrini is an Italian artist, and he flirts with colors and pencils. He is into surrealism, and you can find him on Instagram @elia_pelle. There is something particularly fascinating that he does with the human eye – he re-imagines them and molds them into something beautiful – art. There are three of such works today.

The first artwork is titled “Koieye”. It features an eye with the tail of a fish. This surreal art presents the eye as the head of the fish. It was drawn with colored pencils. It is a colorful sight to behold, and almost makes you question how wild your imagination can run.

This artwork is a surreal pencil drawing. It depicts an eye dripping onto a rose. It almost looks like a very big water drop. This is another beautiful depiction.

This artwork shows a sunflower growing out of an eye. The seeds of the sunflower are representing the pupil of the eye. This was also made with colored pencils.

Art, as you can see, is a vast world.


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