Digital artist Anthony Azekwoh has a new artwork out, themed after the #EndSars campaign which has become widespread and spawned massive protests all over his native Nigeria and around the world. Named “No More”, the artist attached a note detailing the artworks inspiration.

The artwork features a young African woman with a raised fist, which has become a symbol of the anti-police brutality campaign that has also expanded into a revolt against Nigeria’s vastly corrupt political system, and institutionalized oppression that has bedeviled Africa’s most populous country for decades. 

The attached note explains the inspiration of the artwork.Source: Anthony Azekwoh Via Twitter

The young woman is carrying a backpack, her short frizzly hair bounded by a flowing red scarf which complements the bandana across her face as symbols of revolt. She holds a placard which says “the power of the people is greater than the people in power”. A full bright sun forms a Halo behind her head, signifying a bright new dawn of the nation’s youth. A pin on her backpack shows the iconography of a feminist coalition group that has become popular during the protests, earning them support  and verification by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Close up of the shoulders showing feminist coalition pin.

Anthony Azekwoh rose to internet popularity last year with his painting “The Red Man”.

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