“Forest cemetery” is a realistic painting done by Ivan Shishkin in the year 1893.

Shishkin is one of the greatest Russian artist ever known.

His work is known all around the world and appreciated by many because many poems are written based on his works.

“Forest cemetery” is an oil painting on canvas that depicts an old fallen tree.

The back ground is filled with sun, somewhere in the distance you can also see the sky.

Some of the trees are standing tall and firm while others have fall due to strong storm,or the inexorable action of temporary years.

They are been swallowed up by the soil and by so doing hindered the birth of new life.

The painting have a lot of stories and explanation behind it which makes it one of the best painting by Shishkin.

The painting is said to be stored in the national art museum of the republic of Belarus. Minsk. 


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