You know, every single day – just when I think I’ve seen it all, something else comes along and makes me marvel. Like super good food, and really beautiful views. Like amazing artists that make you want to ask God where your talent went; and lure you into trances.

You know how you see some artworks and honestly cannot believe what they are – because they look so much like photographs? Well… You should prepare yourself, because you’re about to be blown away. What we’ve got for you today is hyper-realism at its best.

This is titled “Undercurrents”. It is a colored pencil drawing of a man and woman underwater and surrounded in greenery. To be more specific, it is an insanely realistic artwork that manages to capture every single detail, from the bubbles in the water to the seemingly vulnerable and intimate position these two are cocooned in.

“Undercurrents” received a lot of praise and has won first place in The Boynes Emerging Artist Competition. It has also received the CIPPY AWARD for Best of Show in the 2020 Colored Pencil Society of America’s 28th International Exhibition.

“Labyrinth” as this artwork is titled, is also a colored pencil drawing. It features an individual (of unknown identity – because it could be a male or female) with fingers splayed across their face, and water streaming down the face. This mimics a certain position that various people take when they’re under the shower or in the rain. There’s a contemplative tone to it.

As art is interpreted in various ways, what’s your interpretation of these artworks? These amazing artworks were drawn by Jesse Lane, an hyper-realism artist. He’s got so many dramatic portraits – that have won him several awards – to his credit. You can check out more of his artworks on Instagram @jesselaneart.


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