Art is a pretty universal area, and it’s so unpredictable. The truth is – that’s what makes it so beautiful. Just like how artists express their feelings and thoughts through the use of paint, pencil or pen, people also interpret art in different ways.

For every piece of art, there are about two million and three ways to interpret it. You could paint an apple, and somebody could link it to life. However, a very hungry person will tell you one thing – “it looks like food.”

Today, two artworks will be responsible for spiking up different thoughts in different heads. These are “Sibling War, Sibling Love” and “Mbikota.” Both works were painted by Joseph Eze, a Nigerian contemporary artist. You can find him on Instagram at joseph.eze.9.

Scrolling through his page will reveal something peculiar about his style. His paintings are a perfect blend of natural elements – like flowers and trees – with humans. His painting “Pedestrian Sightings” depicts a man selling books with flowers where his face should be.

While this is most likely a social commentary, it is still a colorful sight.

The first painting “Sibling War, Sibling Love” is of two sisters – most likely twins – with conjoined hair, grasping a single rope in their hands. There is an apple – which could signify life/property – in the middle of the rope, and it seems like they’re struggling to have it. The conjoined hair suggests harmony and love, while the struggle suggests a building discord. The piece implies that greed and the hunger/thirst for more could lead to disharmony, a situation where even love will be forgotten.

The second painting “Mbikota” is a very strong evidence of Joseph Eze’s depiction of nature in his art. It shows a Black woman’s face lying beneath/covered with – it all depends on perspective – flowers, butterflies and birds too. In my opinion, this is a representation of Mother Nature in her element. However, the fact that the woman looks depressed means that nature isn’t doing too well, and is probably dying. There is a sense of an environment that preys and picks on people without strength.

Since art is subjective, I believe to a certain extent that Joseph Eze’s works are social commentaries. He manages to do this in a unique way that passes the message across while also expressing the art beautifully. I truly believe that just like his style, art too, is wild, free and unpredictable.

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