In a place where imported faiths have demonized everything related to ancient practices, people, deities, and myths, seeing artworks like Muyiwa Togun’s is a breath of fresh air. The versatile artist draws heavily from Yoruba tradition to create beautiful pieces of art on canvas.

Some of Muyiwa Togun’s paintings include:

Ìyá Màpó

A depiction of the Yoruba goddess of female artistic endeavours like dyeing and pottery. Iya Mapo means ‘The woman that holds the pillar.’ The painting has Iya Mapo wearing adire complemented with cowry earrings.

Aaro Meta

The painting references the three proverbial stones, which, in Yoruba culture, support the cooking pot and ensures the safety of its content. The painting features a male figure in front with two beautifully adorned women supporting him from behind.

Ori Olookun

Togun’s depiction of the famous Ori Olookun sees the Yoruba god of sea and water bodies presented in his full glory.

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