By Titilayo Adekoya

I love music, most of the time I think it loves me too, but other times it seems we are total strangers. 

You see, I have the weirdest playlist in the world. They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their playlist, if you had a look at mine you would probably be more confused than before you did. That shouldn’t be surprising, it confuses me too. I listen to songs you won’t understand, from genres you’ve never heard of. 

   Music is often said to be a universal language. I don’t understand Thai Music, but I do understand you can connect to emotions even if you don’t know what is being said. That has happened to me once or twice(Listen to Mafikizolo’s Emlanjeni. You are welcome). 

South African singing duo Mafizikolo

   I remember when my relationship with Music started, I was just five and had gone to spend the weekend with one of my uncles. He always had the radio on even at night. That night I was almost asleep before I was jerked to alertness by a song by Angelique Kidjo; “Agolo”. I remember being so facinated with everything she was saying because it sounded like Yoruba but not quite like it,from then on I looked forward to listening to the song and music generally on the radio. I probably would have become a musician if only I could carry a tune. 

Angélique Kpasseloko Zogbin Kidjo is a Beninese multi-grammy winning artist.

 My Love for music is a work in progress, there are times I am indifferent and other times it’s all that keeps me going. If you ask me what my philosophy on music is, I’ll tell you it isn’t life or death. It is both; life because it encompasses all facets of human existence. Death, because even that is beautiful in itself (look up the evolution of the butterfly). And music is beauty in all its special nuances. 

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