The art world is a pretty wide one. It’s a world that gives solace and joy, a world that will make you think. Now, when people think art, they think artists – they think pencils and paints, and someone who can make a life sketch of them. It doesn’t work that way, as people express themselves in different ways – through photography, cooking, graphic designing and illustrating.

Natalia Murobha is an artist that breaks the stereotypical definition of an artist, as she is an illustrator and graphic designer. The best part about it is that, she is a self-taught one, with over thirty artworks to her credit. She explores black art and touches a lot on the black girl power.

This work is of two lovers intertwined. It basically gives off a very romantic vibe, doesn’t it? It’s like a “till death do us part” sort of thing. The colors are such an amazing blend that it gives off an enchanted vibe.

This piece is of a very- very African saint. On her Instagram caption when she posted this work, Natalia stated that she wanted to create her own version of Saint. Lucy. The beautiful afro on her hair also sort of reminds me of an halo, I can almost hear Beyonce’s halo playing somewhere in the background.

You can check out Natalia Murobha’s page on Instagram @murobhasart. Cruising through her page will be an amazing experience.

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