Now that I think about it, everybody was probably an artist at one point or another in our lives. We doodled rows and rows of pencils all over our notebooks – and scribbled patterns and curves of ink all over sheets of paper – as we learnt how to write. Eventually, we gave up on this art when we were finally blessed with the gift of writing.

What if I said you could have become a blown artist, or a renowned one, just like Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa, if you had maybe recognized and developed this skill? Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa is an artist from Nigeria.

Although she explores other parts of art, she specializes in scribble art – using a unique style peculiar to her which she has coined as JAGAISM. This term was derived from the Yoruba word “JAGA JAGA” which means nonsense/rubbish. She has so many artworks to her credit, and  your ‘art-buds’ will be teased with two of them today. You can find numerous of them on her Instagram account @ ayanfee_ .

The first work is titled “Screech – The Earth Knows”. When this work was posted on her Instagram page, she said that if COVID-19 was an alien, it would look like this artwork. The work of art gives off an air of desperation and anxiety, like a person wondering what’s going to happen next, and could possibly go wrong. Considering the pandemic the world has been dipped in, it is a very relevant art. However, it can be interpreted in different ways, like other works of art.

The second artwork was created through mixed media – acrylic, ink and charcoal – on canvas. It is titled “2020 A.D (OR AFTER CHRIST?). It depicts a man surrounded by symbols that are supposed to be religious. It’s a social commentary on a society where religious leaders and preachers are being upheld and practically worshipped. A society where people almost fear these religious leaders more than God, and place them on the same level with Him. It’s of a society that is slowly losing it all to religion.

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