Solomon Omogboye was born in 1982 in Lagos. Just like other artists have unique styles that make them stand out, Solomon Omogboye’s art is a very unique one. Although he uses different medium – like charcoal, pastel, acrylic and oil – he has more paintings, which boast an array of colors to express the feelings and emotions put into them.

One thing that characterizes his paintings is the eclectic mixture of colors that sort of make the pictures express emotions clearly. Two of his paintings will be examined today.

The first is titled “Hidden Depths”.

Hidden Depths

It is a painting of a little girl. This description might deceive you into thinking “Oh, it’s just something basic.” It’s everything but basic. The blending of colors to form her face, and the reflection of emotions in her eyes are sheer magic! It will make you wonder what this little girl has on her mind, and what on earth she has experienced in life.

The second work – “Unspoken Words” – is a depiction of a young boy with pieces of newspaper splattered all over his face.

Unspoken Words

It’s like a representation of how news these days are just thrown at us anyhow, whether it be good or bad. Luckily, the news in this painting seem to be good news, as there are mentions of “theatre of dreams, self-employment and innocence.” The boy’s eyes hold hope and expectations, like he’s waiting for something good to happen.

As far as delivering emotions with splatters of paint is concerned, Solomon Omogboye is doing a good job with his expression and commentary.

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