By Lilian Aina

When I think about Tems, the singer and producer also known as Tems baby, the words “confident” and “different” comes to my mind.  

I think those words because she has such a peculiar voice and vibe to herself. 

Going through her Instagram feed, you’d see how from each picture, which usually shows her with her signature black shades and box braids, you are drawn in by her natural beauty and confidence too. And with just about 80 posts up on her feed you’d be compelled to keep scrolling down until you get to the end.

What makes her so different for me is her style and her sound (which, as a joke, includes a lot of vibes and pouring of oil)

Tems as an artist has no problem standing out and isn’t afraid to show her vibe and not fake it especially, in an industry where female artists are regarded with different notions on how they should dress.

You can’t seem to classify her style as a a certain way as she switches it up with every post and I’m certainly here for that.

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