This was a painting done by Nicolai Arvo in 1872.

It was said to be based on a poem by  Johan Sebastian Welhaven.

Another source believed it to be based on a wild hunt motif from folklore.

In Scandinavia, it was called “Oskoreia” meaning ” terrifying ride”, or Odensjakt meaning “Odin’s Hunt”.

The story behind the painting is said to be associated with the Scandinavian tradition which is associated with the god Odin.

It consists of a terrifying procession that hurl across the sky during midwinter. He kidnaps unfortunate people who have failed to find a hiding place.

It is said to be in the collection of the National museum of Art,Architecture and Design in Oslo.

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Alex · November 9, 2020 at 10:33 am

This Odin, is it Thor’s father? Thor of the German folklore , the god?

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