by Tolu Toluwani

Times and seasons. Represented by specific dates and months. They add more meaning to life. And with the beautiful month of love and romance in our midst, February is the time we celebrate love of all kinds. It’s no longer about a single day of celebration. And in the case of romantic love, it’s a special season for lovebirds to communicate how precious they are to each other. It could be through giving of gifts, spending more quality time together or even writing a romantic poem for their significant other.

Feelings are expressed in these ways and more, but crafting beautiful poetry is one of the most creative and romantic ways to cement your heartfelt feelings in the heart of your partner. It lasts for a long time. But in case you’ve tried to write a poem and it seems like the gates of inspo are shut against you from entering into that realm, look no further. Below is a sure-fire guide on how to write that thoughtful poem that cleaves to the heart.

  • Begin with how you feel – How does your partner make you feel? How do you feel when they do certain things you love? These are certain questions that set the mood for your poem. It’s important that you write down your answers as you think about them. Writing poetry involves your mood. Because in your mood lies the feelings you want to communicate. Think of words to describe how they make you feel. This is what sets the pace for the romance in your poetry.
  • Point of view (P.O.V) – This is simply your writing voice. It is the way in which you communicate your words to your reader. The three types of writing voice you could employ are ‘the first person pov’ which uses pronouns like ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘my’. The second person pov which uses ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘yours’. And the third person pov which uses ‘she’, ‘he’ and ‘they’. Your pov is simply a tool to influence your words.
  • Make Romantic Comparisons – This is a tool that makes a great impression. Comparing things like their physical attribute or personality to something beautiful, gives definite colour to your poem. Saying things like “You are the full moon in my night sky” or “Your smile glows as the sun” surely leaves a memorable impression.
  • Convey Personal Thoughts/Experiences – Pour out your heart lovebird. Make it more personal. One way to do this is by adding a few touches of your personal experiences together. You could even state what has changed in your life since you met them. This leads back to writing your feelings, and it communicates to your partner how much you truly are grateful for him/her being in your life.
  • Forget about the rhymes – I want to guess that this is one reason why inspo has refused to open its gates for you. You bother about the rhyme scheme. You want to sound poetic like your favourite rap artiste. But poetry isn’t about the rhymes. Some of the greatest love poetry have no rhymes. Rhyme scheme isn’t a necessity.

So now that you know how to write your lover a poem as beautiful as the night stars.

I’m sure you’ll give wings to your ink

this time and

let your words fly so freely.


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