Dear Diary,

The last time we spoke (or I wrote) it was about the downside of being a bookworm. Well today I’m going to tell you about the upside to being a bookworm.

And yes I know that traditionally people usually talk about the positive aspect of something before the negative; but not me……well no harm no foul.

It has been an open secret that being a bookworm is spectacular and amazing or as I would say spectamazing.

So, here the pros of being a book lover or a bookworm as popularly called.

  1. You are never bored: Life can be really boring. The most ordinary task are the most boring; sitting around waiting for someone, queuing at the super market, etc. Bringing along a book can remedy this, and even without the book the fact that you have read so many will provide your life with drama and excitement.
  2. Multi location: Guess what? You get to experience and love in variety of worlds while everyone is stuck living one most likely boring life, you get to live like twenty in a month. Going on adventures on known within the pages of a book, all the while improving your imaginative skills. YOLO?  Well…… not for me.
  3. You are easy to buy gift for: As a bookworm you are literally the easiest person to bjuy gift for in the world. It is simple us readers love getting new books or the money to get them. A little word of advice, when in doubt buy that reader who loves to read a book.
  4. Expanded vocabulary: When reading different genre of books, we pick up new words. Most people use few of the many words in English language and other languages and adding new words to our vocab never hurt anyone. Basically we bookworms have unique words to describe everything. That’s stellar/ heavenly.
  5. Two words, Ready!! Conversation starter: You are never in need of a conversation starter because you have an endless wealth of it. Almost every book I read gives something that can be used to start a conversation. So go spread the joy.
  6. New people\friends: There is this bond that is formed when you met someone that reads the same kind of books as you. I’ve met a few people through years of reading. Through reading alone I’ve met quite a number of incredible people, readers and writers alike.
  7. Never ending book list: Just when you think that you are almost done with your reading list, you discover new books to add. Book recommendations are always available and gotten freely; you can be Introduced to books that you have never heard of before and fall In love with it.
  8. Books are great décor items: Bet you didn’t know that. You don’t have to worry about finding a beautiful decoration for your home, your book collection does that for you. Not only are books good for the brain but they also add an interesting and homey touch to rooms. Books can be used as work of arts and that is fantastic news to us readers.
  9. You see things in a new light: The different perspective offered by characters from books is basically free therapy. You learn from others stories and wisdom. We basically see the world in a new way that left to ourselves we’d never get a chance to. This prevents most of us from being self-focused and shallow but allows us to exercise empathy.
  10. You have the perfect quote for almost every situation. For instance, “books are a uniquely portable magic”- Stephen king, on writing or “many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book” – Jane smiley, thirteen ways of looking at a novel. And I must say I totally agree with them.

    So, diary people what is your favorite thing about being a bookworm? Let me know in the comments!!

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I shall not be named · November 25, 2020 at 10:35 pm

Finally, I’ve been waiting for you to post

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