Dear diary,

I join a book club! Why am I telling you this while being hyped up? I don’t know it just seems appropriate. And I know what you are thinking, who joins a book club with your already endless and growing pile of to-be-read books? I still don’t know, I just thought it will be fun and so far it has.

Here is a fun fact for you; book clubs are really fun when the club consists of the right people. I think everyone should join a book club, I know you are probably thinking that I’ve gone bunkers but I sure you that I have not, I am 99% sane.

Okay fine, I’ll give you reasons why you should join a book club and I’m definitely sure you’ll agree with me.

  1. You read books that you won’t have read otherwise: When you are in a book club, you’ll read books that you would have most likely ignored or missed especially genres that you don’t have a great pull towards. You might even find yourself drawn towards that genre.
  2. No agonizing over what to read: I don’t know about you but that sounds like paradise to me. In book clubs, someone else makes the decision for you (with you input on the decision of cause). Good bye to the long hours spent on deciding what to read next.
  3.  Deadlines: I’m pretty sure that it’s not just me that this happens to. This situation where you get a new book but you don’t end up reading it and it just ends up in a pile. When you join a book club that can be avoided because there is a deadline you’ll read it or at least get started.
  4. Societal reflection: You can have a respectful and healthy debate about something other than politics. You can read fictions that address social issues in both complex and simple ways. Listening to others perspective can change or alter your view on things. You get a window into what people really think about a particular situation.
  5.  New friends-that you can actually interact with: You get to have conversation with people about books and almost no one will judge you acting like the characters are real. You’ll develop a sense of community; you will meet people who love the same authors and genre as you. It is basically a less expensive way of having a social life.
  6. Takes your writing skills up a notch: Book clubs are a great place to hone your writing skills as a writer and as someone interested in becoming one. You will learn to dissect books to the barest minimum; you will learn to properly analyze themes, characters, plot and settings.
  7. Relaxing and fun: No matter how serious and heated your discussions are, just getting together and chatting on a regular basis can be fun and relaxing especially if you really love reading and discussing books.

There are lots of reasons to join a book club and the reasons above barely even scratches the surface. Are you in book club? If yes, how is your experience so far? And if you are not in a book club why not try it out and see for self.


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