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Content Marketing is for brands who want to build their presence on the web.

This is a sponsored post on L’Avis Magazine’s Website – This is a perfect opportunity for you to stamp your imprint on the internet. You can talk about your brand, your story, your products/services or everything at once.

Your post stays on the website forever. We employ industry-standard SEO techniques to ensure your post shows up in search results when related keywords are queried.

What you’ll benefit:

  1. An Online Presence: A featured post on the website guarantees you a presence on the internet. You can share the link each time someone asks you about your business/products/services.
  2. Legitimacy: A post on the L’Avis website adds legitimacy to your brand. People will trust that you are good at what you offer. Your post will give potential customers the idea that you are a world-class brand that can deliver on your promises.
  3. Product Sales: you can use your post to describe how a particular product/service works and why the audience needs them.
  4. Audience Engagement: We’ll ask those with questions and enquires to contact you via your social media handles and other communication channels. These enquirers can be converted to customers and referrers
  5. Brand Awareness. People who read posts on our website will become familiar with your brand and your products/services.
  6. Increased Followership. Your handles will be included in the post. Readers who like that they see will check your profile. From there, you can gain new followers and increased patronage.

COST: One thousand naira (1000) per post (we allow up to two free edits). Note that this fee is for the space to post your feature article. Content creation comes with extra costs.

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WhatsApp (only): 08130595452

Direct messaging via Instagram/Twitter: @lavismag

Call\Text message: 07057174397

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