Discover By L’avis

Discover! By l'avis

Discover By L’avis is a business promotion product offered by the Build With L’avis team.

It is a 30 seconds video that highlights your brand and what you offer to the world.

It will be shared with an audience of over 30,000 across the following our accounts and partners’ accounts on the following platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Your brand will provide voice-over and media materials (photos and/or videos). We will produce the video and distribute it. You will also have a copy of the video to share on your social media platforms.

One of the Discover! By L’avis videos created for a client

What you’ll benefit:

  1. Brand Awareness: People enjoy watching simple and beautiful videos. When your brand is presented in such a format, people will pay more attention to what you offer.
  2. Increased followership: On the platforms where the video will be shared, your handles will be included in the post description. Viewers who like that they see will check your profile. From there, you can gain new followers and increased patronage.
  3. Class: A feature on Discover! By L’Avis will add class to your brand. It gives potential customers the idea that you are a world-class brand that can deliver on your promises.
One of the Discover! By L’avis videos created for a client

We have a long queue of businesses and brands we want to project, including yours. If you want to feature on Discover! By L’Avis within days or have a specific need in mind, please contact us. We will move your brand to the top of the queue and customize the video to meet your particular needs.

Cost: One thousand naira (N1,000) per video

WhatsApp (only): 08130595452

Direct messaging via Instagram/Twitter: @lavismag

Call\Text message: 07057174397

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