Everyone wants the new, the fresh, and the latest. But when it comes to art, we hear a different story.

The older an artwork is, the more expensive it is likely to become. If the artist is some popular dead artist, you can expect the price of the artwork to double, triple or quadruple.

This is exciting news until you focus the attention on living artists; artists who are very much alive and whose works have not acquired the ‘antique’ status. Some of these artists enjoy mass patronage and international appeal. For most, however, it is a daily struggle to push their craft above the noise and to hope that someone notices their promising talents.

L’avis Magazine notices. We notice the silent and the noisy. The immensely talented and the wannabe. We see the begs for retweets, the wooing for sales and the constant applications for art contests. Sometimes we wish we could offer to buy these artworks, throw open an art contest or organize an exhibition. We will do anything to assist the promising artist in her journey. Unfortunately, we cannot at this time.

Silver and gold, we have none but what we have we offer to all artist, a platform for curated artworks. We do this via our social media platforms and on our monthly magazine.

You can download the August 2020 edition via this link: https://lavismag.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/L’avis%20Mag%20August%20Edition-1-min.pdf

In a way, we are also begging for attention. But it is not for us. It is for the underdogs. Those who do not have the privilege to study at art schools and participate in art fairs. Those who do not have influential friends to help them hype their artworks on social media.

As you flip through these pages, kindly reach out to the artists whose works you enjoy. A simple like, follow on social media can go a long way. Feel free to let the artists know that you discovered their works via @lavismag. We also promote art on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Simply search for @lavismag.

Gracious Egedegbe

Creative Director

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