We witnessed a fury of activities in Nigeria this past month. Most prominently, the end sars protests took the country, and the world at large, by surprise. For many, it was a protest long over due. For a significant few, it was the start of the revolution they had been waiting for.

History laughs when people talk about revolution. A lot of people have romatic ideas about united struggles in the streets, solidarity chants and fair trial for corrupt government officals.

History tells a story of bloodshed, social unrest and outright terror. Revolutions can bring great postivie change, or it can be the fiirst spark of a fire that’ll consume everyone in its wake.

In this isue, we examine, by art, the French, Spanish and American Revolutions. It is not our place to say if the revolutions were worth it; we simply retell the stoies told by artists before us.

We also had the pleasure of speaking with Layo Isaac. Her interview is both entertaining and intriguing.

On the side, we have articles on Education and colonialism. There is no gainsaying that the more educated people are, the less likely they are to resort to voilent revolutions. And sometimes, we need to understand our past to appreciate our present.

I present, for your pleasure and study, L’avis Magazine November 2020 Naija Issue (Click. To Download). Enjoy!


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