Name: Toheeb Adekunle Kareem (dj teekay)

Occupation: Disc Jockey (DJ)

“I decided I was going to choose a different career path by becoming a DJ.”


Origin: Ogun state

How did you get into making music/becoming a DJ?

Back in 2012 after my secondary school, I left my parent to stay with my grandma in Mafoluku Oshodi. That was where I linked up with my uncle that is a sound engineer. he rents musical instruments to live bands and DJs. I worked with him over the weekend and helped in transporting the speakers. I considered becoming a sound engineer like my uncle and my cousin brothers too but I changed my mind. I decided I was going to choose a different career path by becoming a DJ. The journey has been so awesome and fun but it has never been easy. Thanks to my mentors Dj Consequence, Dj Leezy Ace and Dj Aplus. They are the people that put me through on the line.

What style of music are you into?

I’m into different genres of music but I specialize in afrobeat, trap, hip-hop, house music, funky house music, grime music, trap house.

What kind of occasions/events do you work at?

Over the years I’ve practised my craft at different top occasions across Nigeria from clubs, weddings, house parties, concerts, beach parties.

What are some of your most recent projects?

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