We’ve got legendary artworks that are over three hundred years old but are still blowing our minds. It just seems like no matter how much time passes, they will forever be classics.

One of the greatest wishes of artists is that their artworks stay for way longer than they do – they pray that their artworks outlive them and stay for many more centuries after them. From that dimension, I’m pretty sure that Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo and their counterparts are winners, as they’ve got their artworks – Mona Lisa, Starry Night and David respectively – impacting lives even way after their demise.

Now, we’ve got Francesco Spedicato, a 20 year old artist who reinvents some of these artworks. He gives them a modern touch that makes it easier for the 21st century dwellers to relate to and understand them. We’ve got three of such works here today.

This pencil drawing is a presentation of Ariana Grande as Mona Lisa. Even people who are not art enthusiasts know who the Mona Lisa is. Although she’s been at the Louvre Museum since the late 1700s, she was originally painted in the Renaissance period –  sometime between 1503 and 1506 – by artist Leonardo Da Vinci. It wasn’t until after Leonardo’s death that the painting began to make waves, with so many people in awe at her beauty and elegance. Having Ariana Grande as Mona Lisa here almost makes me wonder if she should have been the Mona Lisa instead.

This is depicting Billie Eilish as “The Girl with a Pearl Earring.” The Girl with a Pearl Earring was painted by Johannes Vermeer in the 17th century, around 1665. Honestly, I really think Billie Eilish makes the perfect girl for this. Although its original was drawn using oil on canvas, Francesco’s reinvention was drawn using colored pencils. If that doesn’t place him high up in your book, I don’t know what will.

Shawn Mendes as David is another reinvention of one of the renaissance period’s favorite. David was sculpted by Michelangelo sometime between 1501 and 1504, a depiction of the Biblical David. It is now at the Accademia Gallery. While Michelangelo had no problem with boldly showcasing David, Francesco gives us a sprinkle of modesty as he covers the nether region with a leaf.

Francesco has been drawing since 2015. If you’re looking to get motivated by his development/transformation or just want to get your mind blown away, you can find him on Instagram @francescospedicato_.


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