Segun Aiyesan is a Nigerian artist whose artworks explores and glorifies Africa and its people. His art focuses on Black people. You can find him on Instagram @segun_aiyesan. Two of his artworks will be examined today.

This is titled Green Room. It is a 5 by 4 ft piece of art goodness. It features a Black lady who seems to be the picture of confidence. There’s a picture frame hanging behind her showing two other Black ladies. She’s got a sassy look that says “bring it on!” We’re here for the go-get-it vibe it gives off.

The second piece – titled “Yoruba Damsels” – is a 3 by 3 ft of acrylic on cretextured canvas. It features two ladies with tribal marks on their cheeks. The Yoruba Tribe is known for its tribal marks. Certain tribal marks allow for the identification of which group a person belongs to. These ladies are a classic representation of what Yoruba women ( from the past) look like – proud gele, dark skin (although not always) and tribal marks.

It’s a powerful piece for the amazing thing that culture is.


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