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It has been eight months since we started L’avis Magazine. In those months, we have had the opportunity to review music, lifestyle, art and business. We have also interviewed and profiled people from different works of life.

It has also been a period of change. We have changed the cover page design four times. We have shifted our focus three times. We have reviewed our team twice. We even took a break for the months of May and June.

It has been eight months of hard work. Sometimes we question ourselves and our purpose. Sometimes we question if the world gives a fuck about what we do.

People respond to challenges differently. For Oluwapelumi Okelade, who is also a creative director, “Quality doesn’t matter as much as consistency.” Allow me to paraphrase his words:

Excellent art is a product of consistent learning, practice and improvement.

We looked around and curated content on artists who have consistently produced despite the obvious and personal challenges they face.

This edition is a tribute to them, to our indefatigable team and to you our reader.

Do enjoy.

Once again, the download link (click on this sentence)

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