Ever thought of seeing the world through a Child’s eye? Most people just assume its full of rainbows and unicorns but it’s not. It’s full of monsters and demons and things that we couldn’t even imagine.

Every child fears what lies under their bed. If they don’t, then it’s the closet they fear or maybe the little crack in the almost closed door.

Scientists know that children are more perceptive, they see things that adults don’t. They are not yet tethered into only accepting what society wants them to accept. They see what is truly there. Not what has been manipulated by the mist in the human mind that makes adults chalk everything down to imagination.

They see the monster.

If you were to borrow a child’s eyes at see through them for a night, you’ll go insane. To be able to see what you only dimly remember, burrowing into your covers while wearing your pyjamas, hoping to God that you barely comprehend, that it doesn’t see you back; would drive an adult crazy. Because adults forget the rules:

1. Cover yourself. If you can’t see it, it can’t see you. Even if it makes it harder to breathe.

2. Don’t make a noise. Every whimper can lead to destruction

3. Don’t move – it attracts their attention

4. Only the light can make them go away, bright light, flashlight makes it worse

Teens are caught in the middle. They can feel what’s there but they can’t see it and they forget the rules.

Why do you think there are so many insomniacs typing at their computers subconsciously praying the light from their monitor will be able to keep them away?

It’s not. Now look behind you with a child’s eyes and try not to scream.

Submitted by Okoronjama Ifunanya

Categories: fiction


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