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We all know various things happen in the dark. Read on to find out what Amaka experienced in one of those nights as told.

The moon had taken over from the sun and made itself ‘the king in the sky’. Our people say that the shadows come to life when the sun has relinquished its power to the moon. That is why night befalls the earth.

Amaka walked alone at night in the deserted area of the village. The harmattan wind gripped her firm, as a close companion, as she returned from one of her father’s many farms. She shivered as she forged alone with her basket held by her side. She marched her steps in tune to the beat of the shrill crickets and frogs in the surrounding bushes.

The journey home was a long and lonely one. The rocky and sandy path with reddish brown sand was the by-product of the rainy season’s erosion.

The road was hardly decent, but it was what they had. On each side of the road were bushes which were home to snakes and other creepy things. Here and there, palm trees which were at least 10ft tall stood like sentinels. Amaka thought they looked like old women with funny hair. This made her to smile as she walked, matching her steps to the croaking of night creatures. She saw no one ahead. The moon and shadows were her only companions.

She heard howling not too far from where she was. She hoped it was not a werewolf. She was too far from home to escape and there was no one she could depend on.

As she walked on, she was in no particular hurry, wanting to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Nature called loudly and urgently; she needed to do a number two. She glanced around and noticed no one was coming. She entered deep into the bushes and found a spot where she could answer nature’s call.

As she did the needful, she sang a song she remembered from her childhood;

 Angelina O

Je late (Angelina late comer)

O jebe jebe O

Je late (she goes late)

O naba naba

O na late ( she leaves late)

Ebe o na ete

Pancake(in wearing make)

O nwere ya ten percent ( she scores ten smiles percent)

She sighed as her childhood memories streamed through her mind. She was startled out of her reverie by the sound of the howling and rattling of bushes close to her. She felt uneasy but tried not to allow her imagination to run wild. Her heart raced as she got up, adjusted her skirt and picked up her basket. As she made her way back to the road, she heard drumming beats and the howling getting closer. When the ground began to shake, Amaka could no longer reign in her fear and anxiety. “ Chi m o! Nnem oo!” ( my God! My mother oo!) were the words she shouted as she started to run. She  came to a halt when she saw a strange figure standing her in way.

“Hei God!”, she exclaimed as backed away from the creature. It was the bizarre thing she has ever seen. It looked like a mix of different animals with the torso of a man, and it was naked! It was grotesque. Amaka went cold when she realized that the creature wielded a machete. She was done for.

“Ntekolasi lami wayo salami”, the creature said in a language Amaka did not know or understand. Maybe this was one of the spirits that her father told her about. “Nna m oo!”, she wailed. How would she escape this? The sound of the beating drums became louder as the creature came closer and loomed over her. Amaka knelt on the ground in tears, her life flashing before her eyes. As the creature approached, Amaka saw an opening to escape and bolted as fast as her legs could carry her. Unfortunately, she was not fast enough…..

“That was where I watched up to before NEPA took the light,” Dubem told Richard about a movie he had watched the previous night.

Richard felt like slapping Dubem.


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