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You feel it again; that sudden movement. You pause the horror movie you’re watching and look around. It was fast, very fast. But you caught it just as it escaped the corner of your eyes. Your first instinct is to run, to scream at the top of your voice. Instead, you compose yourself. You are sixteen years old, not six years old.

What if someone is in the house with you? They say the notorious “one million gang” boys are on the prowl. Are they at your door? Your palms begin to sweat. Your elder brothers will know what to do. But they are not home. No one is home except you. You! Stubborn you!

You look at your computer. Suddenly, the movie isn’t worth it anymore. You could have watched it tomorrow or next tomorrow or a week after. You decide you are not going to allow anyone intimidate you in your house. “I am not a coward.” You mutter as you lift yourself off the chair. You realize you are naked. Not naked naked. You are almost naked. You have your comfy sport bra on and a boxer shorts. What if they try to rape you?

You give yourself a mental slap. There is no one in the house. No one is going to rape you. You grab your phone and turn on the flashlight. You tiptoe until you reach the wall and turn on the light switch. You spin around, half expecting to see someone. There is no one. You snail out of your room, pass the dinning and enter the sitting room. A window is opened. Did you leave the windows opened? You ask yourself. As you try to remember, you hear your heart beat.

You shut the window and then close the curtains. You check the other two windows. Shut! You check the front door. Shut. Your breathing becomes normal. You realize you’ve been sweating too hard and decide to take a shower.

You enter your bedroom and begin to peel off your clothes. You drop your phone on your bed and step into the bedroom. You rub your breasts, scratch your low-trimmed hair and turn on the shower. A soft moan escaped your mouth as the cold water massaged your skin. You close your eyes and enjoy the moment. When you open it, you see that the shower curtain is opened. Opened? Did you leave it open? You can’t remember. Your heart begins to pound.

You hurry out of the bathroom, dash to your bed and put on your panties. You grab your towel, drape it across your breast and step into the sitting room. There is no one. You feel it’s your over active imagination filling your head with what isn’t there. With a sigh you turn off the light and head into your room.

You rest on your bed and stare at the ceiling fan. You dare not turn off the light. You sense a movement beside your wardrobe. It’s your imagination, just go to bed you fool.

But when you’re about to drift off to sleep, you hear a song sing in your ear. It is a song from the movie you were watching. It’s a song you can’t get out of your head.

You are there lying on your bed.

Under the covers.

With your pajamas on…..

Are you comfortable?

I love the sweet smell of your hair.

I love the soft touch of your skin.

I love how oblivious you are.

Are you comfortable now?

Because your soft and subtle breathe tell me that you haven’t noticed me yet

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