Have you ever thought about what it is that other people dream of, well…. You are about to find out.

This is the second time you are having this dream. The next time you have this dream, you will die. In the dream world, you would die a gruesome death. But in the real world, you are likely to die of a heart attack.

It all started one night when you were 13years old; the night of your birthday.

You close your eyes to sleep and find yourself in a train station. You look around the unusual train station and it gives you creeps. An overhead speaker announces that the next train to Skull Valley is coming. The train arrives but it looks like the carriage of the fairest wheel. You boarded it, sitting on the third chair counting from the back.

You hear an announcement; “Ground beef next stop.” Something prompts you to look back. When you do, you see human-looking monkeys holding a chainsaw each. They use the chainsaw to cut the arms and legs of the person sitting on the last seat.

After that occurrence, you hear another announcement “next stop steamed Turkey.” You watch as the person behind you turns red. Smoke emanates from the person’s body as it swells and finally burst. There’s blood everywhere including on your body. You realize that you are next so you prompt yourself to wake up which you did. You wake up in your bed covered in sweat relieved that it was a nightmare until you spot a spot of blood on your cloth.

Another 32 years have passed and you’ve not forgotten about the dream. You keep reliving it time over time. Your boss yells at you for forgetting to give him an important document that he needed to bag a huge deal. You lay on your bed thinking of what you’ve become in life. At 45, you have no family, no wife and no kid. You are a personal secretary to a branch manager of a timber delivery company. Your life so far is anything but fulfilling and with that thought you fall asleep.

You find yourself in that same dream from years past. Only this time you don’t care if you make it out alive. You have nothing to live for and no one will notice you are missing.

You brace yourself.


Submitted by Okoronjama Ifunanya

Categories: fiction


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