By Hope Ukaegbu

From the Italians to the Mexicans…all over the world, plantain is well known. It causes some confusion when people try to categorize it into a class of food, mostly due to its similarity to its sibling the Banana. Ironically,the plantain was named after the Spanish word “plátano”…which means banana. Unlike the banana, it is usually treated as a vegetable and goes through some cooking before consumption.

My all-time favourite plantain serving is simply fried unripe plantain. I don’t need to add other condiments before I can enjoy it but…a discovery I made on one of my lunch breaks at work has given me more insight as to the many ways I can prepare my plantain and still really enjoy it. I can’t wait to prepare them myself but my excitement is just so much that I want to share it with everyone.

So…these are the four major ways I’m getting ready to prepare my plantain meals.

  1. Boiled Plantain with Sauce.

I’m talking delicious and insanely satisfying sauce made with vegetables, fish and assorted meat! Enough said. The photo is just so telling.

  • Beef Plantain Stew

Some say it’s an Ethiopian dish, others believe it’s synonymous with the Ugandans. This hearty dish contains plum tomatoes, okra, ground cumin and a few other ingredients. See here to getting the recipe. 

  • Fried Plantain with Fried Eggs

This is a classic. Very easy to prepare as you don’t need lots of ingredients. As long as it’s a little greasy and your size of egg matches the plantain, you’re good to go!

  • Fried Plantain with Pepper Sauce

The keyword here is spicy! As crispy looking as this fried plantain is…laced with scoops of sauce made from onions, tomatoes and lots of pepper, this fourth dish is my favourite of them all.

One important question is this though, “are these meals healthy?” I mean the rave of the decade is health precautions and food plays a vital role in that. Plantain has a very high fiber, potassium and vitamin content that the body needs…now add that to the egg and sauce full of protein, calcium, iron and an increased amount of blood. Good God! That’s one badass nutritional content.

So the next time you have a problem deciding what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, think plantain as it is quite cheap and easy to prepare.

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James edikan · October 19, 2020 at 4:06 pm

Awesome article

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