By Lilian Aina

Saying fashion can be used as a weapon is of course, a metaphorical way of using how the clothes we put on can be a way of people getting to know us before even introducing ourselves i.e sending a message.

It’s like when Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote that “the pen is mightier than the sword”. “The pen” signifying the words that can be put on paper using it. Because words have the power to do and undo any situation or emotions at that moment.

I know comparing fashion to “the pen” seems like such a lofty idea. But it isn’t! Because fashion being used as a form of silent protest is something that has worked overtime and would continue to work.

Cause you see, the first thing the human eyes notice upon meeting someone is whatever they have put on.

Which then makes clothes, a shield not only for our bodies but as a front for how we want to be addressed.

This was evident when in 2020 the female members of the congress of the United state all wore the colour white to bring awareness and silently protest against the gendered economic inequality.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez standing out in white

Or in another case that hits close to home would be the protests from the black lives matter to the endpolicebrutality in Nigeria shows just how good slogan tees demand attention and passes the wearer’s message across.

Fashion can also be used to protest other things like our freedom when it comes to style.

Which is what the alté scene(alternative scene) seems to be representing. Especially in a society like ours where we already seem to have laid down rules for what is deemed to be good and bad, and acceptable and unacceptable.

 The alternative scene shows people going clearly against these societal rules and letting their style speak for them by expressing themselves through it.

There’s no form that Fashion can not take and I understand that to you fashion may really just be putting the clothes you have together and wearing them with no thoughts to them.

But I do believe that it’s a lot deeper than that and would even encourage you to find out what works for you, not be afraid to try different styles and finally wield your weapon(again in a metaphorical sense!)


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