Your minimalist home probably need a splash of colour, and you’re unsure what colour will best fit into the plainness without introducing garish unbalance. Well, here’s something that may surprise you.

Colour mechanics giant Pantone announced a pair of colours as the colours of the year 2021; vibrant “Illuminating yellow” and the subdued “Ultimate grey”. At first glance, the extremely bright yellow may seem like just the type of colour to keep from your home. 

Image via Instagram/Pantone

Enter home design giants IKEA, showing the pair of colours can just be solution to your colour conundrum. In a Facebook post of 10 images showing household items from chairs to beddings, they show us the two colours make a bold contrasting and yet perfectly balanced combo.

In their post description, IKEA Singapore explain that “Ultimate ‘dependable’ Gray and Illuminating (yellow) are a contrast combination of two unexpected shades, yet pair perfectly to set the tone for the year”.

Check out the images below!

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