It was just another day for Joshua Alfred, a social media influencer when he created the first ‘Don’t Leave Me’ Challenge video. Joshua has accounts on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. In real life, he’s just a guy trying to make the best of the Nigerian situation. On social media, he is the master of mimicry.

On that day, he decided to drop some words of wisdom. He contrasted unrelated items/entities and drew conclusions. To those who understood literature, Josh was simply making puns. For the general public, he was dropping words of great wisdom.

His awe-struck audience begged him to stay and drop some more nuggets. But the master of wit and mimicry would not wait. As he ran, his audience begged, “Don’t leave me.”

The result was electrifying. Many studied Josh’s video, learned the skill and began to drop words of wisdom. As expected, people begged, “Don’t leave me.” A simple comedy video became a challenge. It left the domains of Josh and rested with the Nigerian people as they struggled to outdo themselves.

Upcoming celebrities, movie stars and other influential persons produced their own impressions of the challenge. Some were outright boring. Some were hilarious. And this guy managed to kill the show.

As with every internet sensation, the challenge was sure to blow up for a while and then die a quick death. After all, there was never a short of ‘matter to settle’ for the Nigerian Twitter audience.

Then the impossible happened. Nigerians woke up to realize the ‘Don’t Leave Me’ challenge has left the obviously porous borders of the Nigerian territory. First, there was a video from Japan.

Then a Donald Trump mimic delivered his own rendition.

Soon, Nigerians were begging Ellen DeGeneres to feature Josh on her TV show.

Right now, the ‘Don’t Leave Me’ Challenge is sitting on top my lap – Has it become a laptop?

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