Author: Maryann Ilebaye Matthew

The year 2020 has brought to light the relevance of health workers in our global community. Always at the front line during pandemics and other health crises, health workers often put themselves and their families at great risks as they work to save and improve lives. This has been proven during the COVID-19 pandemic which ravaged the world from ‘2019’ to ‘2020’.

 Though, they try their best to ensure health issues are kept at bay in various communities, health workers face difficulties most times.

Due to the increasing demand for health services in many rural areas that experience shortage of health workers, they’re exposed to psychological hazards which has led to fatigue, insomnia, mental distress and work related deaths in most cases.


Health workers at some point in their careers, face security issues and suffer physical violence, verbal aggression and

social stigma especially during the COVID-19 crisis that has led to the shortage of health workers and medical facilities.


Even through the rough and smooth tides the world experience at unexpected moments, health workers are always a constant, ready to help; as such, we should support health workers and encourage them to enable them to do their job.

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