Dear diary,

In the past few weeks I’ve read a lot of books and fan fictions (yes I read fan fictions and I’m sure you do too…don’t worry I won’t tell anyone) and none of them left quite the impression as We Were Liars.

We Were Liars is a story about cadence Sinclair, her cousins and Gat; we get the details of the book straight from Cadence taking us into her mind as she fights to navigate it.

Cadence is a teen dealing with the typical teenage problems – her parents’ divorce, her first love and the problems of physical pain and memory loss. Family drama is the major drive of the plot; it is what influences the whole story. Her mother fights with her aunts, everyone fights with her grandfather, her grandfather tries to play God by threatening his children with their inheritance and the kids are used as pawns by their mothers to gain favor from their grandfather and of course get their inheritance.

When introducing Johnny, Mirren and Gat, Cadence says, “The family calls us the liars and probably we deserve it”. At first it is not clear what they’re lying about, they all seem normal until summer seventeen small lies begin to emerge. It becomes clear that Cadence is living the biggest lie of them all. 

The title of the book is written in the past tense component, because the rest of the Liars died in the fire the gang is a thing of the past (opps); hence the use of past tense.

Lockhart exacerbates the Sinclair’s issues by trapping them on an island with only each other, Gat and Ed for company.

Cadence begins the book by telling us who she is in the most straight forward way, “My full name is Cadence Sinclair Eastman. I live in Burlington Vermont with mummy and three dogs. I’m nearly eighteen”. She goes on with the details about her possessions (or lack off), her hair color, what her parents do for a living and what her house looks like. 

Cadence is the perfect example of an unreliable narrator, she suffered head injury and everyone refuses to tell her what happened two summers back, she is left to piece events together as best as she can. She obvious gets there eventually, but since we are stuck in her head we never know more than she does.

After she regains her memory of what happened in summer fifteen she tells us that she perpetrated the crime that became a tragedy. The tragedy that claimed the life of Johnny, Mirren and Gatwick, they all tried to burn clairmont in order to stop her aunts and mom from fighting each other so they can all be happy.

It turns out her headache and selective amnesia was as a result of her subconsciously trying to forget what happened and the cousins she thought she hanged out with in summer seventeen were just ghosts that she imagined in order to cope; she eventually lets them go.

 She alters her statement about herself at the ending of the book;

My full name is Cadence Sinclair Eastman. I suffer migraines. I do not suffer fools. I like twist of meanings. I endure.

When she tells us she likes a twist of meanings, I was not sure what she meant by that but at the end it becomes clearer that I’ve just read one of the twistiest turniest books in young adult literature.

Well diary people i tried to keep the spoiler to the minimum but still capture the essence of the book, tell me what you think of this in the comments.


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