Dear diary,

I’m here to vent about the downside of being a bookworm. Don’t get me wrong being a bookworm is awesome and there are a lot of people who will agree with me. It helps you see things in a new light, and it takes your mind off things going on in your life and it teaches you empathy, which will make you a better person or you know; less of a douche bag.

So, reading is amaze-balls but being a bookworm isn’t always easy. I’ll list ten of the problems I’ve experienced and I’m sure you’ll find at least one to relate to. Here we go.

  • No sleep: That sweet sweet feeling when you find a book that has you hooked from the first page or in some cases the prologue; is one of the greatest feelings in the world. As a bookworm you might find it hard to cherish a good book from the first page. When that special book comes along it is impossible to put down and when this happens you’ll probably say goodbye to sleep and socializing. A very small prize to pay right?
  • Post book blues or sadness: mostly called a“book hangover”. This just means when you finish a book that was so good, you feel like you’ll never recover. Some even describe it as the same feeling as losing a friend. WOW!.

There is an easy solution for this which is to start another book. It is a wicked circle really; cause once you are done with that book you may feel sad again. This brings us to our next problem…

  • What to read next: Picking your next book carries a lot of pressure because it has to live up to the book you just finished and also fit your mood. So do you read the book in your possession? Do you go for the book your friend recommended to you last week? Or do you run to the bookstore really quick? It is an impossible decision that must be made.
  • Movie adaptations: Arghhh!!! No one and I mean no one wants to be the person who announces that the book was better ( in my case I always end up being that person). Even if you are aware that a few exceptions, you know that 4 of 5 times the book was better.
  • So much to read with such little time: Every bookworm is guilty of “the read pile”, what is that you ask? They are piles of book that has not been read finish. Normally it is kept out of sight while we read 15 over and over. Find me a bookworm that doesn’t have an unfinished book pile waiting to be read and I’ll massage their feet.
  • You have too many books: This sounds exactly  like something my brother would say. Well, they don’t understand. You can never have enough books. Even if we are hidden behind a mountain sized pile of books; it is never too much. It might end up being a little too crowded but needs space? Not me that’s for sure.
  • BBA( book back ache): It is real. No matter where you read, in bed, on the bus, on a sofa, on the roof. I know you are thinking that you’ll just easily find a new position, the hunch will come back to haunt you after about thirty minutes or so.
  • Sobbing in public: You know what is coming but you just can’t help yourself when something sad happens or one of your favorite character dies and everyone in the room looks at you weirdly when you tell them why you are crying. Like when I read five feet apart in class, what was I thinking?
  • Organizing your bookshelf: Is a kind of brain twister. Do you arrange it by color? Genre? Author? Title? The possibilities are endless.
  • Lending out books: Who knows if you’ll ever see that book again (I have a friend who never ever returns a book she lends) and what if it comes back ripped or stained. There is a whole lot at stake.
  • Waiting for the next book of a series: There is a high possibility that you won’t even remember most of what happened in the last book by the time the new one is released. Looks like you’ll have to set aside some rereading time.

So, diary people , what book worm problems have you experienced? Let me know in the comments!

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