Our crushes will forever be in our hearts. True? Of course not. Some last a week but if your hormones are up for it, two days tops then you find someone else. The truth is this: it’s natural. I once posted on my status two celebrities’ pictures and I wrote, “My two crushes” or something like that. The next day, a brother started an inquisition, asking questions like what do they do? Have you met them? And stuff like that. I told him the truth and dared him to say differently. He wanted to say that as a Christian, I shouldn’t say such, and it so happens that he might be right.

I thought they were cute. To me, there is no much difference in one person saying it in her heart and another posting on her WhatsApp status. I was open to people and I do not regret what I did but I stopped posting things like that for a time because of such people. I mean these were handsome men twice my age. What secret agenda would I have except to appreciate God’s creation? As a Christian, I’ve have crushed on different on a gazillion of them. Sometimes I stop crushing on a guy the moment he opens his mouth and speaks to me.

Be that as it may, it becomes too much when your created imaginations take you overboard. You should not lie to please them or push yourself on someone that has rejected you.  You will end up killing your self-esteem after all the savagery you have struggled with and survived.

There was this guy. It’s been three years now (I know right). We go a long way back and he doesn’t even know my name. He is short, slow and precise. I do not favour short men, but he compensated with his impeccable English. In fact, his enunciations make me a better person, (that came out wrong). The truth is, usually I like tall, happy guys with broad chests but he is neither. He’s refined, that’s all and cute. He is very good looking, some will describe his face as being speculative, so to say or sad. He should be all manners (I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to him face to face before). From what I hear, he’s a rather strange and whimsical fellow. But boy! Do I like him!

And there’s another one and another one. Recently, I added to them a rather tall happy fellow. He may or may not know, I care not the slightest. I just let the frenzied flow go at its pace. When it’s ready, it’ll dry up. This is one big truth, we are in some frenzied river. One current here and there, pushing us and sensuously calling into the deep of the unknown. Girls get this all the time; five guys asking you out and another two you have a heavy crush on. Guys, yours is worse, I hear. Ten girls all over you if you are the bad guy and ten girls you are crushing on, hard. This is our frenzy. No one will ride but us. 

When we are older and surer, we’ll assuredly find the right ‘rib’, if I am permitted to use such word. Till then, please don’t do anything stupid in the name of love, experience has it that there is almost always a failure at the horizon. Stick to just liking them and letting them go. You can’t date five guys or girls at the same time and think, “oh! How clever I must be!”. The game catches up, eventually. You lose your self-respect, and that’s it, my friend, you lose. Don’t play games with people because there’s karma, that girl don’t play nice.

Presently, our sweet tooth loves everything conventional, we are even scared of being different and hence, alone. This will not do. We should drag ourselves forward even with all the pressure, putting our principles as foundation stones that will enable us crossover.


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