Author: Favour Chukwuma 

Nodding my head to the beats of my recently found love with my fancy fire-red earpiece, I barely registered the hot Makurdi sun that left wet marks on the faces of the people sitting close. The guy next to me shuffled closed and asked for my earpiece. I had a ‘you-no-de-see-abi?’ expression on my face. So I was a little irritated when he tapped me and asked.

“Can I collect some songs from you?”. Sure, why not? I didn’t say that. 

I said my music preference is quite different from a lot of people. With a stiff smile, I clarified. I don’t just listen to rewarding has to be satisfying, beautiful and well, different. My favorite music has to have everything, from the best jams to a heavenly voice to talks about life and stuff. Honestly, I felt smug and proud talking to the guy. I’m pretty sure he felt sorry for asking me about my music library. Well, you’re not going to get me precious babies without one or two lectures, no?

I ended up giving him jon Bellion(for course every music he has ever breathed on! What do you take me for?), Lana Del Rey, NF, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, one or two of James Arthur(solely because he’s cute). For African artists, I blessed him with Tems, Cavemen, Omah lay and Chike. My music library had more but I wasn’t sure his music illiteracy will let him appreciate my babies and my musical genius. I only started listening to Billie Elish and Shawn. They are really cool and all but if I want my day to be sparkling bright, I just drown in Jon Bellion, cavemen, Tems and a sprinkle of more Tems and maybe Avicii. Let’s not forget Khalid especially when my mood is dull and the soothing voice of Jacob Banks gliding with the flow of the tides underneath a clear blue sky is all I crave.

I also have hundreds of gospel songs. Gospel music is often well thought out. I love lyrics that are well thought out, so I listen to variations of Lecrae, Hillsong. I like the emotions Theophilus Sunday puts in his music. I also happen to be a fan of Judith Kanayo and so on. You’ll notice most of the songs mentioned here are literally slow and soft. That’s my music library, filled with slow, dreary and soft music. A friend told me she literally could use my music library as a lullaby. Like, the guts!

 Your personality determines the kind of music to be found in your library and also says much about you. Whatever your music library may look like, spice it up with some Jon Bellion or Johnny Drille. Never gets old!

My music library isn’t just a library of music. It’s my safe haven, my go to happy place. So when you see a tall, slim(may I add pretty) lady with fire-red earpiece stuck on her ear and mumbling words to herself, nodding, you should know you have seen this awesome person. Kindly note that she has her hands full and won’t be taking any music recommendations


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