The Super Bowl is one of the greatest sport events in the world, and with it’s overbearing expection of great spectacle not merely from the athletes, but from the halftime show performance, all eyes were on Canadian RnB singer The Weeknd to not “drop the ball”. 

Clad in a glittery red suit as he honoured his commitment to wearing red suiting for his 2020 Album After Hours persona, his 12 minute performance was electrifying, and the reactions to it from celebrities and fans alike tell just how well both music and spectacle thrilled all. 

The in-house audience at the Florida’s Raymond James stadium may have been a mix of cardboard cutouts and 25,000 people, but The Weeknd’s (real name Abel Tesfaye) put on a music-centric show that reverberated through all. His set started out with the songs “Call out my name” and “Starboy”, and included others upbeat songs including “Save your tears” and “Earned it”, while “Blinding lights” served very well as a closer, putting to rest concerns that the halftime show which has characteristically featured uplifting sight and sound, could be dulled out by The Weeknd’s dark-hued style. 

On a Sunday night, The Weeknd delivered.

There was also a joke that has turned into a wildfire meme: preparing to sing his 2018 hit Can’t Feel My Face, Tesfaye pretended to be confused as he rushed to get into place for the beginning of the track.

There was also the curious case of bandaged faces…oh well

Here are some of the reactions to his performance on Twitter:


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