For the first time ever, you can hear what Mars sounds like in a brief moment. 

NASA’s Perseverance Rover has captured the first audio recordings from the surface of the red planet, and if you’ve always wondered what music Martian aliens could be listening to, you’d be surprised. 

Since arriving on Mars recently Perseverance has sent back fantastic images from its first few days on the surface of the planet, including a 360° look around it’s landing site. And now according to NASA, thanks to a “commercial off-the-shelf device” on the Rover that amazingly “survived the highly dynamic descent to the surface”, we have sound as well.

There are not one but two recordings, the first one containing noise from the rover itself. The second one contains a clearer recording of the sound of the alien world, and here it is, courtesy of NASA! 

Warning: potential alien music up ahead.

Yes, it’s just the sound of dusty Martian breeze. No guitar riffs, sorry.

You can check both recordings out here.

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