If you someone had told you that the colossal man-eating titans in the popular Japanese Manga series “Attack On Titan” could have a sense of decency, how long are you likely to laugh in their face? Quite a while probably.

Well, according to recent revelations on social media, the censors in Malaysia think the mindless humanoids should at least wear underwear while they go foraging for humans to eat. Many twitter users from the strictly religious country expressed their surprise at finding that Malaysian copies of the Manga had been digitally edited, and the giant titans were now wearing quite unfashionable shorts and similar underwear.

The collosal humanoids are depicted to not possess any sexual organs in the Manga, which has been adapted into a popular series since 2013. They otherwise possess nearly human physical features…partially.

Apparently, the Malaysian censorship authorities have concluded that not even brainless, soulless fictional beings that eat people should be allowed to be completely immodest.

Apart from being ludicrous, twitter users have found the images hilarious, some wondering what size would fit the gigantic titans. We can only eagerly look forward to the suit and tie updates, possibly with a chance of heels. One could say if they only spared the tailors and fashion designers, the titans could soon be seen wearing fine couture!

Meantime, enjoy these horrific, rib cracking images-pun intended.


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