Superstar Tennis player Naomi Osaka has teamed up with her artist sister, Mari, to create and auction off a set of original NFT artworks.

The collection of 6 digital pieces all made by Mari Osaka and titled The Colors of Naomi Osaka, includes the original pieces  My Crown, My Halo, Vibrance of the Clouds, I’m Not Your Robot, The Girl Who Smiles and The Unsuspecting Player

Each artpiece, signed by the sisters, will be auctioned off on Basic.Space. According to the website, The artworks are an “heartfelt burst of expression by Mari” and showcase the “many shades of Naomi’s personality and character through heartfelt bursts of color.”

In an Instagram post, Naomi says “Mari and I are very excited to formally enter the world of art through NFTs. We wanted to do things a little bit differently than the norm and make it more personal, which is why I asked my sister to create the pieces with me and offer something unique and special to fans and collectors from around the world, art that represents who we are and what we stand for.”

Mari Osaka (L) and younger sister Naomi (R). Mari retired from tennis in March. Image:

The auction and raffle for The Colors of Naomi Osaka ends on on 23rd April.

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