The National Gallery (UK) has announced it has received a prized Luttichuys oil-on-canvas painting that was previously in possession of a private estate.

“Portrait of Girl” is a c.1650 artwork by Dutch Golden age painter Isaac Luttichuys, portraying a young girl standing out of a dark background with a large column, her hair bounded backwards in a chignon. Tendrils hang down her face on either side, and her austere clothing completes the dark visual atmosphere associated with 17th century Dutch paintings.

Details on the National Gallery’s website shows the 73.8 × 63.7 cm painting had been in the private collection of the George Pinto Estate, and allocated to the National Gallery “in lieu of Inheritance Tax by HM Government”. The painting is the first work by Luttichuys to enter a British public collection.

The painting is now on display at the museum.


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