Internationally acclaimed photographer and street artist JR has published a new book. Known for his large scale monochrome photographs, JR’s new project, “How Old Am I?” explores themes of life and age.

Published by New York based Phaidon Press, JR captures the process of growing older alongside the differences and similarities of people’s life stories by representing each age with an individual from a different country in his new book.

How Old Am I? 1-100 Faces From Around The World’, consists of monochrome photographs of the participants, a small map indicating their place of birth and a short bio expressing their dreams, hopes and experiences.

The title of the book ‘How Old Am I?’ is a rhetorical question that compels one to question their achievements, hopes, memories and desires. ‘… to push kids to constantly raise questions about themselves and to create discussion’ the artist reveals is the aim he wishes to achieve with his book. He further explains that “My work is always an excuse to start a conversation, whatever it is and however we actually do that…” 


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