The New Yorker cover image, by Barry Blitt

Report by Emmanuel Nwaeze

In an eye-catching episode, last week’s the New Yorker Magazine marked the end of Trump’s Presidency with a critical cartoon as its cover.

This farewell piece comes from the creative mind of cartoonist and illustrator, Barry Blitt who is famous for his brilliantly themed covers and illustrations – and a Pulitzer winner. The artwork is one of his many submissions to the New Yorker, titled ‘A Weight Lifted’.

At the centre, a bald eagle and caricature of the former president hanging from its claws with an unsettling demeanour stands out boldly. A background scene of day can be picked up from the clear fluffy clouds and what appears to be dusty ground from below. With more focus, a signature of the artist can be viewed from the bottom right.

So many subtleties are ingrained in this visual and timely display that speak volumes of the recent shift of office on 20th January, 2021.

Trump’s tenure had come to an end, paving way for current president, Joe Biden. Perhaps, this could also mean an end to the long-held feud between the media and presidency. Either way, Barry’s creation does a good job of rendering a symbolic farewell.

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