A few days ago, Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith met at The Red Table. The goal was to clear the controversy surrounding her alleged affair with August Alsina.

Within a few minutes into the discussion, it was obvious a lot of things had happened. Accor sing to Jada, she and August got ‘entangled’ at a time when she needed some space to heal. At that time, she was still legally married to her husband. Although they were separated at the time, they were still married.

In clear cut terms, Jada cheated on her husband. But she doesn’t see it that way. To her, it was simply an entanglement with August.

After watching the show, people had a lot to talk about. In this article, we will cover some of those issues.

Jada Took Advantage Of August

During The Red Table Discussion, Jada admitted that she met August at a time when he needed help with certain mental issues. To stretch things, one could say August was mentally unbalanced at the time. Add that to the fact that Jada is 20 years older than August and you can tell where this is going.

On one hand, this argument is self-evident. August was young and emotionally unstable. As such, he was opened to whatever undue influence Jada might have exposed him to. One of the persons he had looked up to for help began to develop feelings for him. Perhaps, he was confused by it all and didn’t know what he was doing until he got himself ‘entangled’.

On the flip side, most people consider anyone about 18 years to be an adult. If August had robbed a bank or committed any other crime, he would be treated as an adult and made to shoulder the responsibilities of his action. Perhaps he was mentally unstable. However, it would be hard for outsiders who do not know the extent of his mental instability to absolve him of any responsibility.

Besides, it is not uncommon for young men to crave the attention and love of older women. History is replete with stories of how young men fawned themselves over for the hands of older women.

As such, the argument that Jada took advantage of August doesn’t hold much water until the facts clearly state that August was ‘forced’ into that relationship.

Women Get Away With Acts Men Would Be Punished For

In recent times, men and women have come out against patriarchy. They describe themselves as feminists. To them, the world and its systems are skewed to favour men. They have a sharp eye for spotting instances of patriarchy. When they do, they launch a full-frontal assault on social media – their favourite battleground.

Curious observers have argued that if Jada was a man and August was a woman, the feminist would have brought out the bomber planes, armoured tanks and probably nuclear warhead. They would have used the event as another instance when men take advantage of women, especially young and mentally unstable women.

In retrospect, these observers have a point. It is not unusual to see feminists blow every happening out of proportion in other to make their stances known. And truly, if the genders were switched in this instance, the feminists would definitely be having a field day.

However, to say Jada is ‘getting away’ with her actions is farfetched. While some people are in open support of her actions, the overwhelming majority is shocked. Men and women have come out to express their displeasure. The internet is agog with commentaries where Jada is described as manipulative.

If anything, Jada is getting hit by social media posts. She is definitely not getting away with this.

Will Smith Was Faking His Emotions

The most common observation from The Red Table discussion is that Will Smith was faking his emotions all through. He was seen smiling at some point, as he asked questions and followed his wife’s ‘confessions’.

To start with, a lot of people do not think Will Smith was pleased with what his wife did. Did he say he was not? Not to my knowledge. But that doesn’t matter to most people. The fact that they were not pleased is enough reason for them to believe Will Smith was not pleased.

If he was not pleased, then what was his state of emotions? These people would suggest Angry, Pissed, Hurt, Betrayed and a slew of other similar moods.

However, while it is true that Will Smith might be feeling all those emotions, to say he was faking his way through the discussion is farfetched. Simply put, it is based on conjunctions and assumptions of emotions. Most people have not met with Will Smith. They’ve never had a discussion with him.

Perhaps he was faking the smiles. Perhaps not. While we have a right to speculate, we do have the right to say what the facts were.

In the end, so many things are simply based on our own beliefs and emotions. For all we know, the events could be just another unfortunate incident in the lives of the couple.

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