Fight scenes, stunts, and more to pump up your adrenaline. Action films can prove to be worth the time, even with a poor script or average plot.

Like other genres, you can be sure that some scenes are far from real, and just happen to be the work of insane camera angles or well implemented CGI.

With more time spent, movie to movie, you may raise brows at a couple of bizarre scenes. Like gravity defying jumps between rooftops, or the ten-year-old taking on full grown men and winning.

While the intention is to blow your mind away, some don’t slide without coming off as too unrealistic or heavily repeated to a fault.

Here are 11 of those clichés that never seem to add up, even for an action film.  

1. Unnecessary villain monologues.

Scene from James Bond, Skyfall (2012)

The hero is pinned, and completely at the villain’s mercy. It’s looking like a sure victory. Oh wait, several minutes of plan revealing and narration that nobody asked for. Hero finds time to make a comeback, you can fill in the blanks.

2. Attacking in turns.

Bruce Lee, Fist of Fury (1972 film)

You can’t escape it. It starts with a pointless and choreographed human circle and ends with the protagonist defeating each opponent one at a time. In reality, group attacks are messy and never that organized.

3. Hanging off a cliff on one hand, grabbing someone on the other.

Classic cliffhanger, pun intended. We’d pretend gravity stopped existing for a moment and forget that the human population for the most part can barely hold a pullup.

4. Neck snapping.

Fight Scene from Bloodsport (1988 movie)

Out of firepower? No worries. If you’re lucky enough to be in a movie, you’d only need your bare hands to snap someone’s head off its center – like breaking a twig.

5. Protagonist walking away from an explosion, unharmed.

Explosion Scene, X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The iconic Hollywood mushroom explosions from behind and a bold daring human walking away like the calmest person on earth. Never mind the shrapnel and exploding debris.

6. Bullets mean nothing to the main character.

Keanu Reeves ‘Neo’ from The Matrix franchise

Depending on the plot, they can dodge, outrun or stop bullets midair while others get hit. Shooters always miss when they decide to aim, and if at all the main character gets hit, they tend to fight better with gunshot wounds.

7. The good guy is beaten out of his mind, but still wins the fight because he’s brave.

Adonis Creed in Creed 2 (2018 film)

Fractured bones, bullet wounds and a near concussion are child’s play when the good guy decides to have his moment. This usually comes after a motivating flashback reminding him of his destiny or purpose.

8. The protagonist is obviously done for, but does the impossible because of love.

Gloomy Scene from John Wick

Love can be powerful, but in a movie, it can be exaggerated. Like John Wick managing to take down scores of assassins because of a dead dog. C’mon.  

9. Cars are itching to be stolen, and never empty on fuel.

Jason Statham, Fast and Furious franchise

Desperately in need of a car? there’s always one to steal nearby and yes, no need to refuel, face trigger alarms or cops – must be Christmas!

10. You can unlock any door, just by kicking it.

If you’re in a movie, your legs can do more than walk. With little focus and effort, it can in fact become an automatic door opener. All it takes is just one kick and voila!

11. Smashing through glass, without a single scratch.

Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cops

What is a fight scene without some lunatic smashing through glass? Either as an escape plan or unfortunate body toss, the character never seems to suffer much. No injuries, no scratches, it’s just plain glass.

There is probably a book’s worth of these clichés. It is usually best to resist the impulse to overanalyze and play ignorant as you enjoy the show – for your sanity.

Which of the handpicked eleven do you resonate with? Share with us


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